Helen MacLeod & Emma Wilkins

Album – The Garden of Adonis

HOOT Harp & Flute - The Garden of Adonis Album

HOOT launched their first album “The Garden of Adonis” in April 2010 at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. The title is inspired by one of the album’s works “The Garden of Adonis”, by the American composer Alan Hovhaness, based on a canto from “The Faerie Queenie” by Edmund Spencer (1552 – 1599) which describes a garden of rebirth or reincarnation, where souls appear as flowers. Hovhaness music has a strong mystic and religious element overlaid with Eastern influence brought perfectly together in this piece of seven short but diverse movements, each depicting a different flower in the Garden.

The idea behind the album was to create a CD with original works, but also include familiar music to create an eclectic mix, best reflecting HOOT’s unique style. The Album covers a broad range of flute and harp repertoire, with works ranging from Edward McGuire’s haunting “Folk Memories in Autumn” to the feisty “Bordel 1900” from Astor Piazzolla’s “L’histoire du Tango”. Also including such well-known favourites as Debussy’s “En Bateau”, the beautiful broken chords played on the harp clearly suggesting the rippling water as the flute carries the exquisite melody, and “Meditation” from “Thais” by Massenet.

The producer of the album was renowned Welsh harpist Eira Lynn Jones. Both Emma and Helen are very grateful for her support and encouragement over the years; she is the perfect combination of performer, teacher, mentor and friend.

The CD, partly funded by EMS, was recorded in October 2009 on the west coast of Scotland, despite the terrible autumnal gales!

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Preview the Album

01    En Bateau    5.00
Claude Debussy, arr. Faith Carman


The Garden of Adonis – Suite for Flute and Harp Op 245
Alan Hovhaness
02    Largo    2.25
03    Allegro    2.24
04    Adagio, like a solemn dance    3.44
05    Allegro    3.02
06    Grave    1.42
07    Allegretto    1.36
08    Andante molto espressivo    2.57

09    Bordel 1900 from L’Histoire du Tango    4.11
Astor Piazzolla


10    Folk Memories in Autumn     7.25
Edward McGuire

11    Intermezzo*    4.50
Hendrik Andriessen
12    Meditation from Thaïs    4.18
Jules Massenet, arr. Meinir Heulyn

Serenade, No.10 Op. 79
Vincent Persichetti
13    Larghetto    1.43
14    Allegro comodo    1.14
15    Andante grazioso    1.22
16    Andante cantabile    1.49
17    Allegretto    1.15
18    Scherzando    1.25
19    Adagietto    1.47
20    Vivo    1.52

21    Lochaber No More    3.56
Scottish Traditional, arr. Sunita Staneslow


En Bateau Claude Debussy
En Bateau is a barcarolle of simple beauty, suggesting the gentle pitching of a boat on a sun-speckled lake
in Summer.

The Garden of Adonis Alan Hovhaness
Alan Hovhaness was an American composer of Armenian and Scottish descent. The Garden of Adonis is based on a canto from The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spencer, describing a garden of rebirth where souls appear as flowers. The piece consists of seven short movements, not dissimilar to a song cycle in form. It begins with a calm, hypnotic mood and then transports us to far off lands and mystical places with different dance motives, oriental scales, and Messiaen-style bird calls.

Bordel 1900 Astor Piazzolla
L’Histoire du Tango tells the story of two musicians demonstrating the history of tango in 4 movements. Bordel 1900 is the first of these and is as lively and flirtatious as its title suggests.

Folk Memories in Autumn Edward McGuire
Folk Memories in Autumn, written for David Nicholson and Karen Vaughan, was premiered in 1978. The music started life as an educational TV documentary Let’s See Orkney, with the first screening on the BBC featuring the composer himself on flute.

Intermezzo Hendrik Andriessen
Intermezzo was composed shortly after the Second World War. Performances of Andriessen’s works were strictly forbidden as a consequence of his resistance to Hitler’s terror. The Intermezzo is full of emotional intensity, perhaps reflecting his imprisonment in a concentration camp.

Meditation Jules Massenet
Meditation from the Opera Thaïs has become one of the best-loved pieces of classical music.

Serenade no 10 Vincent Persichetti
Persichetti composed for every conceivable musical medium. His music is often described as a combination of “grit” and “grazioso”. This work is neatly nestled between Serenade for Soprano and Alto Recorders and Serenade for Band!

Lochaber no More Scottish Traditional
Lochaber No More tells the story of a soldier’s farewell as he departs for the battles of the Highland Clearances. Over 300 years later this melody is as haunting and poignant as ever.